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December 31, 2020 2 min read



E-commerce & Advertising


If you own an e-commerce, a dropshipping store, if you sell a digital product, if you own a private label, your own brand or sell on Amazon, you already know it: the expenses for advertising are probably the most crucial ones. In fact, from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads:using every single platform means spending tons of money every day.

But is it really worth it? The answer is  YES, if you do it consciously.

In fact, paid promotions is the fastest and easiest way to drive traffic on your website, but only if it is done in a proper way, otherwise it would lead to losses rather than profit.


So, are you investing your money in the right way?


The great part of digital enterpreneurs DON'T spend their budget consciously not OPTIMIZING or MAXIMIZING the recurrent advertisement expense. The main reason is the lack of a stunning and high-quality creative that catch the attention of potential customers and allows to increase the ROAS and store conversion rate.



Why a video ads is the best investement you could do?


When speaking of "creatives", we are not only speaking about videos, but also about photos, carousels, slideshows and much more.

So, why people frequently speak about video ads?

The answer is simple: because is the best type of ad creative.

In fact, it is proven that spending the same amount of money, a video ad is more like to generate more impressions and is also more efficient when it comes to catching the attentionof a potential customer.

Video and marketing go together like macaroni and cheese. Google says over 500 milion hours of video are watched every day via YouTube, with more than half of all online video being viewed on mobile devices. In short, it’s no secret that video is BIG, and it’s only going to get bigger.


So, how can I optimize my advertising spending?


If you wish to increasre your CTR and therefore attracts as many customers as possible, the solution is to invest in a professional eye-catching video ads.


Does it make sense? 

Spending a few bucks hiring a cheap and inexperienced freelancer and then having to promote, spending tons of money, a low quality video ads?


Don't waste your money. Work with real professionals.

Work with AdStrikeMedia.


We are a team of videomakers, photographers, graphic designers and professional copywriters that do this jobs on a daily basis.

Contact us if you have any question, doubt or if you want to request some informations! We are here for you!

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