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After placing the order you will receive an email from us where we ask you to provide us:

1) Your store link (If you already have one)

2) Link of the product you want to promote (Aliexpress, CJ, Alibaba ecc.)

3) Language of the subtitles (If you want us to put subtitles in the video)

4) Attach the store logo (If you want us to put the store logo in the video)

5) Any specific info you want us to highlight in the video or any note to the editors

After you reply and give us these informations, we will start working for you! 

Easy, right?!

Absolutely YES!

The main languages that we speak are English and Italian.

But if you need an AD in another language, no problem! We use neural translators who are totally efficient!

And if you want, and the language requested is your language or a language that you speak, you can help us too! :)

We source our high quality contents on online paid platforms who provide stock footages, through product suppliers and other reliable and trusted online sources!

Don't panic! We will find a solution. 

DM us on Instagram at @adstrikemedia and we will provide you some solutions. We can also arrange a 100% custom video, where the customer ship the product to us and we create the video from scratch. It is obviously a more expensive service, but trust us... IS WORTH IT!

DM us for further informations on Instagram @adstrikemedia

Absolutely YES!

As we are a real team of professionals, we are capable of doing any kind of media work you may need. Just DM us on Instagram at @adstrikemedia and we'll be glad to listen to your requests and give you an estimate of the price of that specific work!

Within 24 hours you will receive a link in your email inbox to directly download your amazing video AD or other services you bought! 

We are a team of professional videomakers, video editors, graphic designers and copywriters based in Italy! 🇮🇹

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